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Administrative and Business Services
This section is the heart of the PSU in Pakistan and provides a plethora of services to a variety of clients. Details of the various services are given below and if you need any further information or would like to request a service, this can be done through the submission form on the CONTACT US page.

Administrative Services

Business Services

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  Administrative Services
Premises and Equipment
Administration Section is responsible for arranging office space for all employees and other personnel located at the PSU. Maintenance of the office premises is the responsibility of the Administration Section with support from the Logistics Section.
Office Supplies
Local Consultants Contracts
There are two types of contracts i.e. with the Canadian High Commission (CHC) and with the PSU.
Recruitment of Professionals/Consultants/Support Staff
Admin Section assists the CHC, PSU and other clients in recruitment of professional consultants and support staff.
A mail service is available in the Business Center. All outgoing mail is handed over to the Receptionist where the details are logged in the postage register.
Several cars and drivers are available at PSU to provide transportation to staff and visiting consultants / advisors.
Cellular / Cordless Telephones
All the drivers of the Canadian PSU have been issued cellular phones to be able to communicate with them while they are out on duty. Clients may also use these phones while in the field. Security is enhanced by maintaining contact with all the vehicles at all times.
Security and Safety
All the staff is responsible for security and safety of the office premises / equipment. A professional security company has been contracted to provide round-the-clock security at the office premises. The office premises have recently been upgraded with automatic door locks and proximity card readers so only authorised personnel can access the building. An emergency alarm system is also in place to alert the staff and visitors to exit the building in an emergency. Fire extinguishers are provided in all the offices and vehicles to guard against fire.
  Business Center Services
PSU Task Requisition
All services provided by the Business Centre to external and internal clients are to be initiated by filling in a PSU Requisition Form. This form has been devised to streamline the provision of services.
Appointment Scheduling
The PSU, on receipt of itinerary of visiting advisors / consultants, will arrange appointments as required. The Mission Coordinator is responsible for this activity.
Secretarial Services
Secretarial services will be provided by Business Center to all external / internal clients.
Telephone Calls
Local and international telephone facilities are available at the PSU.
International facsimile facility is available at the PSU.

Electronic Mail
Each computer user is provided with an e-mail address. Visitors and customers have access to modern and well equipped computer facilities.

24-hours internet facility is available on every computer at the PSU.

Photocopying, Binding and Punching Services
Photocopying and binding services are available at the PSU.

Domestic and International Courier service is provided through the Business Centre (Reception).

Laptops/Notebook Computers
Laptop / notebook computers are available to be loaned out for work related use.

Air Travel

Conference/Consultants Rooms
A Conference Room, fully equipped with audio visual aids is available at the PSU. The room is provided on first come first served basis. Light refreshments can be made available on request. Space for visiting consultants is available at the PSU.

Local Consultants Database
A computerized database of local consultants is available at the PSU.

Missions Coordination
Our devoted mission coordinator provides all visiting DFATD's officers / advisors / consultants the following services:
Airport pick/drop
Appointments scheduling
Air travel arrangements
Vehicles for local duties.
Vehicles for field visits
Secretarial services
Conference room
Office space
Computers, including laptops and printing facilities
Communications including telephone, fax, e-mail, internet

Persons to contact :

Dr. Farrukh Wajid

Manager Operations

Rafiq A. Warriech

System Administrator

Asif Barlas

Administrative Assistant

Shalla Ahmed

Mission Coordinator

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