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Note: The following statistics are for the year 2008-09 unless stated otherwise


Economic Survey, Government of Pakistan, 2008-09
Human Development Report, UNDP, 2006
Transparency International, 2008
Pakistan Labour Force Survey, 2007-08


Land area 796,095 square kilometres
Population 162.37 million
Sex ratio ( male to female) 104:100 (2009)
Language Urdu is the national language \ English is the official language
Currency Pak Rupee
GNP per capita (US$)
770 (2006)
GDP growth rate average (2000-06) 5.4%
Population living below poverty line 22.% (2005-6)
Population growth rate (average annual) 1.8%
Unemployment Rate
5.2% (2007-8)
Male unemployment rate 4.3% (2007-8)
Female unemployment rate
8.5% (2007-8)
Ratio of Female to Male Earned Income 0.29 (2006)
HDI rank (low human development country) 136 out of 177 (2008)
Adult Literacy rate (15+) 56% (2007-8)
Adult Male Literacy Rate 68.2% (2007-8)
Adult Female Literacy Rate 43.6% (2007-8)
Net primary enrolment rate 55% (2007-8)
Maternal Mortality Rate 276 per 100,000 (2009)
Infant Mortality Rate 70 per 1000 live births (2007)
Life expectancy at birth 65 (2009)
Corruption Perceptions Index 134 out of 180 (2008)
Please make sure that you drink bottled water at all times, since tap water is often unsafe to drink. In addition, you are best advised to eat well cooked food and avoid salads or other uncooked foods.

Driving long distances at night is not advisable, since there are many unlighted bicycles, horse carts, etc. on the road and therefore driving at night entails a much higher risk. Appointments with senior government officials have to be made well in advance, otherwise it can be very difficult or impossible to meet people at a senior bureaucratic/political level. Please re-confirm your appointments with the people concerned one day in advance, otherwise people who do not keep a formal calendar may have forgotten the appointment. Our Mission Coordinator can assist you in re-confirming the appointments.

It is quite cold from November
to March in much of Pakistan, and therefore clothing should include a sweater for daytime use and a warm jacket for the evenings. From April to October the climate varies from warm to very hot, so light summer clothes are in order.It is unadvisable to shake a Pakistani woman’s hand if you are a man unless she offers to shake your hand first.
If you have to ride in a taxi, always negotiate the fare in advance, and make sure you have the correct amount of change.
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